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Balance bar: chocolate raspberry review

Two days ago I dragged my dad to the health/wellness/vitamin aisle at the grocery store and he saw a coupon for Balance bars (not quite what I was planning on purchasing but nowhere in the world it seems can you buy Quest bars) so I wound up with 4 Balance bars.

Yesterday I tried my first one, dark chocolate crunch, and I admit that I prefer the taste of the chocolate raspberry flavor I had today.

Balance bars are supposedly formulated after the 40-30-30 diet, involving 40% of your calories coming from carbs, 30% of your calories coming from fats and 30% coming from proteins. Some research has been done to show that eating this way stabilizes blood sugar and sustains energy the most efficiently.

This bar had 13g of protein, 26% DV based on a 2,000 calorie diet. It concerns me, however, that this bar and the bar I ate yesterday contain 4 g of saturated fat a.k.a. 20% of your DV.

It is high in fiber (16%) and for a protein bar, it’s rather low calorie. There are 14 g of sugar. But here is the real kicker for me as a ‘clean-eater’……

Would you look at that ingredient list! Mind you, the last ingredient is soybean oil, this list underneath that is of vitamins and minerals, but this certainly breaks my low-ingredient preference. Also, Fructose is the 2nd ingredient followed by sugar…

Admittedly, most of the ingredients I do recognize, and most appear to be some type of protein. This probably explains why I thought there was a bit of a chalky after-taste to the chocolate raspberry bar. I didn’t notice it in the dark chocolate crunch even though it had the same amount of protein.

I’ll let you know if this bar effects my stomach at all, as a lot of people have a hard time digesting protein isolates and such. So far so good though. I can’t complain too much about this bar, and I’m thinking I’ll probably buy a couple more to bring back to school with me.

OQ Rating: 7/10