Yesterday’s workout was the above pictured run. Today I biked for 20 minutes and did the elliptical for 30 minutes at the rec center then later this evening I did the firm 5 day abs days 1 and 2
I apologize again!

I am not so good at remembering to post when I get back to school. The half-marathon yesterday was AWESOME! I am so happy with my time… It was 10 minutes faster than my first half-marathon last May.

I used a gel: body glove surge in the chocolate flavor. I actually really enjoyed it which was surprising to me because the thought of chocolate flavored gel while I’m running just does not sound appealing. And I think it helped!

The race was through Indiana University and the campus was just beautiful! I really really enjoyed the course. I wish I could go back and run it all over again.

Also, I just really love my running club. The people are so great and I’ve had nothing but a good experience running with them this year. If you have one at your school, I definitely recommend joining it.

But, sigh, tomorrow is Monday and that means classes and the start of working working working. That’s what I’m always doing, I feel.

Either way, I had a fantastic weekend!

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Half-marathon this morning! Woooohoooo